Q. What makes River Valley Pediatricians, Inc. (RVPI) different from other Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s)?

A. Due to its smaller size relative to the large national GPO’s, RVPI is able to offer direct personal contact to assist its member practices in finding the most appropriate economic and operational resources.

Q. Can RVPI compete with the discounts provided by the large national GPO’s?

A. RVPI has been able to offer the best discounts available on vaccines, equal to those offered by any of the larger GPO’s.

Q. Do I have to purchase vaccines to benefit from joining RVPI?

A. No, RVPI offers other significant benefits of membership such as discounts on professional liability insurance, medical/surgical supplies, and a variety of other products and services. In addition, RVPI can be a valuable resource for operational and regulatory information.

Q. Does RVPI offer rebates for purchases made through its vendor agreements?

A. Purchase of vaccines through RVPI will qualify for rebates when our membership meets specific manufacturer purchase and market share requirements.

Q. Do I order through RVPI?

A. No, you order directly from the vendors and you are invoiced directly from them. When we have your completed membership application our vendors will be provided with your information; they maintain a roster of member practices that qualify for the discounts.