Q. What is the cost of membership in RVPI?

A. The annual cost is $540 for each full time physician and $270 for each part time physician.

Q. Am I required to use all of RVPI’s vendors?

A. No, you can use any one or several RVPI vendors that you choose.

Q. Am I committed to purchase volumes?

A. No.

Q. What is the vaccine purchase requirement?

A. If you wish to purchase vaccines through RVPI you must purchase exclusively from Merck and Sanofi in those vaccine categories offered by these manufacturers.

Q. What if Merck or Sanofi are experiencing a temporary supply problem with one of their vaccines?

A. During supply outages the exclusive purchase requirement for the specific vaccine is waived pending availability.

Q. I have a favorite vendor for a product/service not offered through RVPI – can RVPI negotiate better pricing for our practice?

A. We are happy to approach quality vendors to see if they might be included as endorsed partners. Often we are able to influence pricing.