Below is a listing of all of the Office Managers' meetings.  Please call if you have any questions.

Vendor Fair - Thursday, 9/1/16
Accu Medical, ProScan, Merck, Sanofi, Waltz, Professional Office Services, Omega Processing, Scrubs & Beyond

HIPAA Privacy & Security Update/Cyber Security - Wednesday, 6/29/16
Speaker:  Joyce Bruce, Medical Protective     Presentation

Building and Rewarding Teamwork Behaviors - Thursday, 11/19/15
Speaker:  Andy Zavakos, University of Dayton

Practice Management by the Numbers - Wednesday, 3/25/15
Speaker:  Tim Kappes, Impart Consulting     Presentation

Successful Patient Recall Strategies - Friday, 5/9/14
Speaker  Chip Hart, PCC

Anthem's Enhanced Personal Healthcare - Wednesday, 12/4/13
Speaker:  Kelly Owen, Anthem     Presentation

ICD-10 - Wednesday, 6/12/13
Speakers:  Erline Franks/Tobi Klein, SS&G Healthcare Services     Presentation

Customer Service - Tuesday, 10/2/12
Speaker:  Tom Hayes, Xavier     Presentation

Conflict Management - Wednesday, 5/30/12
Speaker:  Jeff Gushin, Concern     Presentation

Performance Reviews/Coaching - Thursday, 3/24/11
Speaker:  Andy Zavakos, Brower Insurance Agency

EHR/Medical Records Retention/ICD-10 - Wednesday, 9/15/10
Speaker:  Beth Liette, CCHMC

Benchmarking - Thursday, 3/11/10
Speakers:  Tom Aug/Teresa Majchszak, My Development Partners in Healthcare     Presentation

Build a Stronger Medical Practice - Wednesday, 10/21/09
Speaker:  Jim Larson, DP Sciences

Red Flag Rules - Wednesday, 4/8/09
Speaker:  (Multiple), Sequent