Shared Best Practices

Shared Revenue Opportunity - Wart Removal

Recently a practice shared some very useful information concerning wart removal.  Rather than using Verrucafreeze or Histofreezer, they use liquid nitrogen and a spray gun.  They received guidance from a community dermatologist and found that this new method is FASTER, EASIER, AND MORE EFFECTIVE than what they previously used.  With this new method the primary physician is less likely to refer to a dermatologist, thus helping the patient to avoid an extended wait for an appointment.  The equipment was purchased from their medical-surgical supplier and the nitrogen from a distributor of liquid gases (several available).  On the first visit the practice charges an E&M code and the Destruction code 17110 or 17111 depending on the number of lesions.  When they see the patient as a follow-up in a few weeks and have to re-treat they charge only the destruction code.  They report that the reimbursement is good and the payback for the equipment relatively quick.  Contact the RVPI administrative staff for additional information.